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Build a Dream Space

Why move into a new house, when you can create your dream home right where you are? Thermaframe’s range of conservatory styles gives you control of how your home looks and feels. You can customise the style, dimensions, even the colours. That way, you can choose a space that suits the rest of your Chislehurst home precisely.

Conservatory Prices Chislehurst

Thermally Efficient

Conservatories are infamous for their lack of efficiency. However, our designs put those fears firmly in the past. Our designs offer you the home of the future, with a conservatory that stays warm in winter and cool when it gets warm. Your space will feature advanced double glazing and a durable structure, which work together to trap energy inside your home.


Conservatory Design Chislehurst

Long-Lasting Quality

We work with Ultraframe to offer conservatories that use high-quality materials. Because of this, you can expect your new investment to reward you for years to come. Not only will you create new space inside your home, but you’ll free up the rest of your living space. Also, the design won’t wear down in strong winds or storms, thanks to the robust structure. 

Conservatories in Chislehurst


Thermaframe’s conservatories could be the new space your Chislehurst home needs. In your current home, you may start to feel like you and your family are outgrowing the space you have. Over time, moving house might seem like the best option. However, if you’d rather stay in your area, and you want to save money, you can invest in a brand-new conservatory.

Thermaframe’s conservatories aren’t like older designs, though. Instead of a space you can’t use in winter or summer, you’ll be investing in a room you can use all-year round.

We work with Ultraframe to offer conservatories that are a cut above the competition for your Chislehurst home. You’ll have the option of a vast range of styles, shapes, and additional features too.

For example, you can choose solid and tiled roofing, unique doors like sliding and bi-fold options, or even a roof lantern or a skylight! That way, you’ll have control over the design of your new space, and you’ll avoid the compromises you’ll have to make when moving house.

conservatories costs chislehurst
conservatories in chislehurst

Our Range of Conservatory Styles



Looking for conservatories with classic looks for your Chislehurst home? Then a Victorian build is ideal. These designs are the UK's most popular, with a bright and open structure, a bay front and double glazing for stunning natural light!



Alternatively, the Edwardian conservatory is a more straightforward option. It has a square floorplan, which offers more overall space and flexibility. That way, you can use a build like this for a variety of purposes, while always staying warm!



The lean-to conservatory is a modern take on this classic build. Instead of a high, pitched roof, you'll get a flat one. Because of this, it costs less to build and is more likely to meet planning permission rules. This design is ideal for expanding smaller homes too!



Struggling to choose an option? Why not combine two! Our P-Shaped conservatories combine the Lean-to and Victorian designs effortlessly, into a larger space for you and your family. Expand your home in style with a P-Shaped design!



However, you don't have to pick any of our conservatories for your Chislehurst home. Instead, we can build a bespoke design for your home. Start from the ground up to design the ideal space for you, and we'll make your vision a reality.


Our Expertise

Thermaframe have years of experience providing stunning conservatories to homes in Chislehurst. Our installation teams are as thorough as you would be, and our partnership with Ultraframe ensures you'll be investing in a leading build for your home.

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Conservatories Prices Chislehurst


Our conservatories are an excellent choice for your Chislehurst home. Thermaframe will always make good on your investment, with a unique conservatory that makes your home warmer, safer and even saves you money! 

Start your free online conservatory quote today, and take the first step in creating a stunning new space for your home. We’ll provide a price for any combination of choices within minutes.

Alternatively, we can help you find your dream space. Fill out our online contact form or call us on 01959 534 720 to speak to our friendly team!

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