Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows

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Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are a highly modern option for homeowners in Sevenoaks and the surrounding Kent areas, allowing you to enhance your home with a cutting-edge aluminium design. Thanks to this design, our windows specialise in providing high-performance across the board. From installation, your Sevenoaks home will be warmer, more secure and free of any damp issues. The uniquely slim design also allows you to experience a larger area of glazing for increased views and heightened natural light allowance. Your property will feel bigger due to this increase in light!

The components and hardware we offer our customers are truly innovative, utilising modern techniques to provide impressive standards of performance and durability. There are a variety of options to tailor your aluminium windows to your own style, allowing you to capture the perfect look that you are after. You can manage what size sash and glazing you need to match requirements. Start creating the home of your dreams in Kent today!

Aluminium Windows Kent
Slimline Aluminium Windows Sevenoaks, Kent

Benefits of Aluminium Windows

Weather Proofing

Our aluminium windows provide outstanding weather protection, expertly designed with weather gaskets and weatherseals to provide optimal performance. With this, you can rest easy knowing your home will be free of any damp or mould issues. 

Thermally Efficient

Our aluminium windows feature an intelligently engineered multi-chambered profile, with an optional thermal insert for enhanced heat retention in your home. Save money on heating bills as you rely less on central heating. With this, you will also reduce your carbon footprint – doing your bit for the planet!

High Security

There is no stronger frame for your windows than our high-grade aluminium. Your home security will be enhanced by high security, multi-point locking systems. Feel confident knowing that your new window will be able to withstand great pressure and impact. Your Kent home will be secure even when you aren’t there. 

Highly Sustainable

Aluminium is 100% recyclable, making these windows a very sustainable solution for your home. Our aluminium windows are lead-free, meaning they offer no health or environment risks. What’s more, aluminium is also readily available naturally in abundance. All of these factors make our windows a green choice for home in Kent.

Uniquely Adaptable

Our aluminium windows match incredibly with our aluminium doors, creating a contemporary look that remains consistent across your whole property. Benefit from a sleek, refined aesthetic, perfect for modern and contemporary homes alike. 


Our aluminium windows will provide impressive soundproofing performance for your home. Our double glazing and aluminium frames prevent noise pollution, helping your home be a space you can relax in. Because of this, our windows are ideal for homes in busy residential areas or near schools and airports. 


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SMART’s Leading Quality Aluminium Windows

Our innovative aluminium windows from Smart utilise contemporary techniques to offer a market-leading standard of quality, accompanied by a range of design options to tailor them to your tastes. Within the profile, a polyamide thermal break provides a gap between the cold air outside and the warm air inside. This allows our aluminium windows to achieve impressive degrees of thermal efficiency.

These high quality aluminium windows are secured with either multi-point or cockspur locking handles. Due to their quality, our aluminium windows are officially recognised by the British Standard Kitemarked system.

Design Flexibility with Smart Aluminium Windows

We offer a fantastic choice of profile designs, which include a curved ovolo edge, a diagonal chamfered edge, or simply square to the face edge. They each provide outstanding performance. Opting for a dual colour option allows you to match the exterior to the outside of the house, while the inside complements the interior. We also provide a choice of standard and non standard colours.

Our selection of glazing sizes range from 24mm to 26mm, and you can opt to have either double glazing or our incredibly energy-efficient triple glazing. Define the frame depth in the size you require and we will fit the glass to match. You could really experience some incredible views through your aluminium windows.

High-Performance Aluminium Windows ALUK

These high-performance aluminium windows are manufactured using the outstanding ALUK design, which can be upgraded to conform to PAS24. ALUK windows features a high performance, multi-chambered profile that features an intelligently designed polyamide bridge. This guarantees exceptional thermal efficiency.

These windows are marked with very low U-Values of 1.5, ensuring heat is retained in your home. Furthermore, these aluminium windows also achieve highly impressive energy ratings. Although sleek and stylish in their appearance, our ALUK aluminium windows uphold very impressive standards of robustness.

Aluminium Window Prices

To get a free and competitive aluminium windows quote, simply visit our online quoting engine today. This easy to use system will allow you to get a quote in an easy and efficient manner. Your renovation project for your Kent home will be started in no time!

If you feel you would like more information about our aluminium windows, simply get in touch with us via our online contact form to speak to a member of our team.


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