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Orangeries in Chislehurst

Create stunning new space in your Chislehurst home with our beautiful orangeries. They offer a great opportunity to expand your living space in a convenient and cost effective way. Instead of relocating and selling your home, an orangery transforms your property. It gives you much more space for you and your family and adds real value to your property’s value. They make a great long term investment that pays for itself if you decide to move.

Thermaframe install bespoke orangeries that complement your home’s style perfectly. They seamlessly match your property’s architecture, giving you a new space that’s attractive inside and out. Orangeries are designed to look great – they feature a combination of glass and solid brickwork that performs throughout the year. Our orangeries are guaranteed to keep you comfortable and increase your quality of life.

We pride ourselves on installing superior orangeries that are cost effective and accessible to different budgets. We’ve developed a reputation as a trusted, local installer that offers five-star service. We ensure our orangeries are built to last and provide excellent performance for as long as you live in your home.

Why not start your new orangery project with us today and get a quote – use our online costing tool to create your dream build that matches your every need and budget.



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Benefits of Orangeries

Greater Privacy

Orangeries are by design more private than conservatories. That’s because they feature more brickwork than glass. You won’t worry about neighbours looking into your space. A solid or tiled roof offers more lighting control and greater privacy too. They create a great space to relax and unwind, maximising your comfort.

Advanced Security

Our orangeries are made from high grade materials that are robust and offer great security. Brickwork, uPVC and aluminium surfaces offer strength and are impact resistant. This makes the structure highly secure and difficult to breach. We install multipoint locking systems to give you extra peace of mind. There are no weak points here – our builds keep you and your family safe.

Bespoke Design

Getting a new orangery is a big decision. It’s got to be perfect. That’s why were offer a great choice of designs and styles to suit your Chislehurst home. The design and build are customised to suit your space perfectly – brickwork and glass are there to complement your home. Everything is done to ensure your orangery brings out the best in your property. Our builds are made to accommodate how you’ll use the space. They can be built for kitchens, offices, gyms and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Thermal Efficiency

We use high grade materials that reduce thermal transfer. That means you get a well insulated orangery that stays warm in winter and cool in summer. Double glazing and insulated pillars provide extra thermal barriers that keep your heating costs low. You’ll save money on your energy bills and cut your carbon footprint. Our orangeries are a great investment.

More Sunlight

Thermaframe install large glazing panels that allow lots of sunlight to enter your living space. You can create an orangery that’s bright and airy and feels extra spacious. You gain a private space that connects you to your garden and nature. You’ll love spending time in your new orangery, taking the views, reading or doing whatever you enjoy most.

Stunning Looks

Orangeries offer Chislehurst homeowners a great way to enhance their property’s appearance. Our designs are elegant and add luxury and value to your home. All designs are flexible – we find the right styles to complement both traditional and modern homes. Whatever look you’re after, we’ve got you covered with our simply beautiful orangeries.


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Tailored To You

Here at Thermaframe, we put you in creative control – we help you design the orangery of your dreams to match your Chislehurst home perfectly. We offer a great collection of windows, doors and roofs to ensure you get the exact style you want. With a stunning range of colours and finishes, you’ll be guaranteed to get the style you envisioned.

Space Designed For You

Everything is designed to suit your needs. If you want to create a new kitchen or living room space, we design the orangery to be just that. Our experts are always on hand to help you through every step of your project. Whether planning permission or finding the precise window frame, you can trust us to get it sorted.

Professional Installation

Our installers are proud to offer a 5-star installation service that puts you first. We’ve got over 30 years of experience installing the finest orangeries in Chislehurst. That’s why we know how to give you the perfect orangery that’s installed at your convenience.

Orangeries Prices Chislehurst

Please use our online costing tool to create your unique orangery that matches your budget.

Or speak to our friendly team by calling 01959 534 720. Also, you can fill out our online contact form, and a member of our team will get back to you quickly.


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