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uPVC Stable Doors

Our uPVC stable doors offer homeowners a beautiful solution for bringing a traditional, country charm to their property. Utilising all of the benefits of modern design, these stable doors excel in performance design to ensure they prove to be a worthwhile addition to your home.

We offer the outstanding designs from the Halo range, meaning our stable doors offer market-leading standards of thermal efficiency, security, durability and performance. We guarantee our doors are set to completely satisfy.

Made from premium grade uPVC, our stable doors offer an impressive standard of structural integrity and aesthetic. This not only means they are a beautifully stylish way to secure your home, it also means they offer an outstanding level of product durability for quality that lasts. 

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Benefits of uPVC Stable Doors

Multi-Functional Design

Stable doors allow you to enjoy a heightened degree of functionality and practiality throughout your home, allowing you to enjoy more for your money.

A Range of Colours

Choose from a comprehensive range of colours and finishes to capture your perfect stable doors look, you’ll be able to find your perfect choice in no time at all.

Energy Efficiency

A multi-chambered profile is combined with high quality glazing to ensure the warmth from your central heating remains in your home for an extended period of time.

Highly Secure

Our stable doors combine a security conscious uPVC profile with high security, multi-point locking mechanisms to offer an impressive degree of home security.

Beautiful Aesthetic

Staying authentic to the traditional stable doors design, the doors we offer capture the charming aesthetic of high quality timber without any of the maintenance problems.

Sustainable Build

Our stable doors are constructed from 100% recycled uPVC, meaning that they are the result of a economically friendly and completely sustainable building process.

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Halo uPVC Stable Doors

Halo uPVC stable doors are an excellent addition to any property, exuding a luxury standard of quality, performance and design. These designs utilise the very latest in modern techniques and materials to secure a door that completely surpasses their timber alternative.

Our team of expert stable door installers will be able to accommodate for any property style, meaning no homeowner needs to miss out on the outstanding quality that these doors provide. Whether your home is a traditional property or a new build, stable doors will be a beautiful match.

These doors can be upgraded to conform to PAS24, which means you can be confident that your home shall look stylish and stay protected. With these stable doors, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the peace of mind that only exceptional home improvements can bring.

Premium uPVC Stable Doors

These uPVC stable doors are built from recyclable materials, allowing them to offer sustainability without reducing their quality. Featuring impressive design, our stable doors are accompanied by a 10-year guarantee to secure complete peace of mind.

These stable doors also include the latest multi-point locks to ensure ultimate home security. Our doors have been fully accredited by the British Board of Agrément for security and energy performance. They effortlessly combine function and form to offer a door that excels.

Our uPVC stable doors are available in a wide variety of colours, which we support with a ten-year colour match guarantee. If you’re not happy within a few months, come back to us and we will find the colour to suit.  There are optimal glazing options as well as decorative touches in addition to colours.

Robust and Efficient Designs

Our stable door’s innovative five-chambered profile shall keep your home warm and comfortable at all points throughout the year. These uPVC stable doors incorporate the same design as our other uPVC doors and may be fitted with hard-wearing, discrete components that cannot be leveraged.

The doors we offer provides premium thermal-efficiency to a home when fully closed, due to the incredible composition of our uPVC profile. This works to increase the heat retention of your home, allowing you to enjoy lowered heating bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

All of our stable doors are also fitted with high performance weather gaskets, allowing them to fully protect your home from any adverse weather. These gaskets are designed to eliminate the possibility of draughts and water ingress, which can be detrimental to both home comfort and performance.

Dual Sash Design

Unique to stable doors is their dual sash design, which allows you to operate the two sashes separately from each other. Not only does this secure an instantly recognisable aesthetic, it also means you can increase the views and ventilation without compromising the safety and security of your home.

10 Year Guarantee

Our stable doors are accompanied by a 10 year guarantee, covering them against rotting, warping, cracking and discolouring. This means you’ll be able to enjoy complete peace of mind with your new product, benefiting from a quality that is built to last.

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