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Wooden Windows Chislehurst

Authentic double glazing for modern and traditional homes.

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Wooden Windows Chislehurst

We install a luxury range of wooden windows that add classic charm to homes in Chislehurst and the surrrounding areas. At Thermaframe, we make sure our wooden windows have the look of old designs while giving you all the benefits of new windows. That means you’ll get a sleek, stylish window with beautiful timber profiles, but also so much more. Our wooden windows have sustainably sourced timber, advanced double glazing and more to make your windows perform better, for longer.

With our wooden windows, you can protect the environment. That’s because the timber we use across our range is eco-friendly, sustainable and easy to recycle. As a result, your new windows won’t end up in a landfill once you finish using them. The advanced double glazing in your windows will also improve insulation, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

Thermaframe’s wooden windows are a high-quality solution for homeowners. The timber we use in our designs is a premium-grade option, and the profiles won’t warp or distort in any way. Our wooden windows are more weather-resistant, too, and have no major issues in wind and rain. That way, these designs meet the highest standards.

At Thermaframe, we’ve been helping homeowners in Sevenoaks transform their homes for several years with our wooden windows. Our team has years of experience in installing our windows and other double glazing products, so you can rely on them to get the job done. We also make sure all of our customers benefit from 5-star customer service. Get in touch today to get your project started with Thermaframe!

We’ve been helping homeowners locally for decades. As a local installer, our team can help you install your windows more quickly, and we have years of experience to call upon to help you solve any issues. We also make sure every one of our customers gets a 5-star service from our friendly team. Get in touch today to get your project started!

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Benefits of Wooden Windows

Traditional Appearance

Wooden windows look better than uPVC and aluminium windows with woodgrain foils ever could. Thermaframe’s designs are the real thing, with an authentic look that stands out anywhere. Because of this, they offer a classic charm and refined style that is sure to draw attention to your home.

Compliant Design

Although most wooden windows are old, our designs comply with modern standards and regulations. We make sure our designs feature thermally efficient double glazing and advanced technology to meet any regulatory requirements. It’s this design that means you won’t have to compromise with our wooden windows.

Highly Secure

Our wooden windows will also protect your property from burglars and intruders. We install our full range of windows with highly secure multi-point locking mechanisms, and there are durable handles and glazing panels, as well. That way, nobody will find a way into your home through your new windows.

Design Flexibility

Thermaframe only installs the best bespoke wooden windows for homeowners. Because of this, you can customise your design to make sure it suits your home seamlessly. We offer a broad range of colours, styles and designs to suit modern and traditional homes throughout the area alike.


At Thermaframe, we have a commitment to making the world a better, greener place. That’s why we install wooden windows that are cleaner, greener and more sustainable for homes in Chislehurst. Our wooden profiles are fully recyclable, and their insulation helps you reduce your carbon footprint and your energy costs.


With our wooden windows, you’ll get a luxurious addition for your home in Chislehurst. Our wooden windows have an authentic design, and they add a sense of grandeur to any property. The detailed profiles and high-quality materials across our range ensure that the wooden windows you install will make a big impact.

High Performance Wooden Windows

The most important thing about installing new timber windows is improving the performance of your Chislehurst home. That’s why, at Thermaframe, we only use premium-grade materials and advanced technology across our range. You won’t have to worry about your frames warping, draughts and damp spots, or even bad soundproofing. We even coat our timber profiles to make them more durable for your home.



Thermally-Efficient Wooden Windows

Timber is an excellent natural insulator. As a result, our wooden windows also are, and this insulation can help you stay warm inside your home while relying less on your central heating. You’ll be able to keep comfortable while the temperature drops outside, as the temperature inside will remain stable throughout the year. That way, you can save money on your energy bills when you install our wooden windows in Chislehurst!

Wooden Window Prices Chislehurst

Use our online quoting engine to create your bespoke wooden windows and see how much you could save on them with Thermaframe today!

Alternatively, use our online contact form or give us a call on 01959 534 720 to find out more from our friendly team of double glazing experts. They’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have and offer free, impartial advice on wooden windows.

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