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Why Choose our Front Doors?

Front Doors Orpington

Stunning Design

Our doors have stunning design from back to front. Our range of uPVC front doors is incredible, durable and fully customisable, so you can create a bespoke entrance.

Front Door Prices Orpington

Thermal Efficiency

With our front doors, you can fight off cold air and preserve your home’s natural warmth. That way, you can stop relying on your heating, and save money on energy bills! 


Front Doors Styles Orpington

Durable Design

Modern uPVC front doors can last for 30 years, or even longer. That’s because they’re fully weatherproof, and can withstand any conditions without any damage or wear.

Front Doors Orpington

New front doors can make a huge impact on your home in Orpington. That’s because, often, the front door is the first thing most people see of your home. With your entrance, you could create a lasting impact that impresses guests and improves how your home feels inside, as well as how it looks outside.

At Thermaframe, we provide modern uPVC front doors, the ideal replacement for old wooden designs. While wood cracks and weakens over time and in poor weather, uPVC is highly durable. These doors can last for 30 years without regular maintenance, and retain the vibrancy of customisable colours, finishes and hardware.

When you get new front doors for your Orpington home through us, you’ll get a leading design. We stock Solidor and VEKA‘s Halo door ranges, which have a stunning build quality and innovative hardware. These doors have robust profiles that use uPVC, aluminium or even a composite blend, all of which are fully weatherproof.

That means, unlike in timber doors, wind and rain won’t damage your new door in any way. Also, our doors are fully customisable, so you can create an entrance that suits your style precisely. With Thermaframe, you’ll never have to compromise when it comes to your home.

Front Doors
Front Doors

Benefits of our Front Doors


Safe and Secure

We only supply front doors that have the highest security standards in the industry. That means you'll be getting an entrance that meets stringent standards on security and safety, keeping intruders well away from your home.


Low Maintenance

New front doors are low-maintenance - that means you can spend less time dealing with them, and more time enjoying your Orpington home. uPVC can last for up to 30 years, and composite doors last even longer!


Bespoke Designs

Your front door is like your home's mascot. In that case, shouldn't it make a great first impression? Our front doors turn your Orpington home into a space that reflects your personality with our bespoke options.


Thermal Performance

New front doors can make your home a little more comfortable every day. Modern doors are thermally efficient, insulating your home from cold weather and reducing your reliance on heating, helping you save energy!


Reliable Operation

Our front doors can achieve decades of long-lasting performance. You'll be able to benefit from durable, fully weatherproof profiles that don't warp, crack or twist. They protect the door to ensure smooth operation every time


Stunning Style

At Thermaframe, we provide doors that enhance your home's style. Choose from modern and traditional options, unique hardware, and a wide range of colours and finishes for your Orpington home.

Front Door Design

Today’s front doors have a design perfect for daily life in your Orpington home. For a start, you’ll be able to control your home’s climate, with thermally efficient doors that help you save money on energy bills. These doors are fully weatherproof too, meaning no cracks will appear, nor will gaps emerge around the door to let draughts and dampness enter your living space.

The whole design of our uPVC, aluminium and composite front doors, and our partnerships with Solidor and VEKA, ensures you’ll stay warm and comfortable all year round.

When you close your front doors, you’ll also control who comes into your Orpington home. Security is our top priority at Thermaframe, and the doors we offer to you are no different. You’ll get innovative multi-point locking systems, a durable frame that can withstand forced entry attempts and the option of interior locks from Ultion and Avantis.

And, finally, the design of our doors is entirely up to you. You can customise your new entrance to such a degree that it’ll be a one-off. Explore our full range of vibrant colours and woodgrain finishes today!

Front Doors Orpington

Front Door Prices Orpington


Make a lasting investment with Thermaframe’s range of front doors for your home in Orpington! 

You can get a quote for a unique design in minutes, all thanks to our online front doors cost calculator. This interactive tool lets you select every part of your new entrance, from the comfort of the home it’ll welcome you to every day. We’ll provide a quote for any bespoke design in seconds! 


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