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Composite door prices Sevenoaks


Our composite doors are made up of sustainable materials such as timber, which is sourced from responsibly managed forests. The manufacturing process of composite doors also generates less waste and requires less energy compared to traditional door materials like PVC. Additionally, composite doors have high levels of thermal efficiency, which can help to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint by preventing heat loss from your home. By choosing composite doors, you can have peace of mind that you are making a responsible choice for both your home and the environment.

composite door prices Sevenoaks


Choosing a composite front door for your home in Bexleyheath can be a cost-effective solution compared to other high-end materials like solid wood. Although composite doors offer similar aesthetic appeal and durability, they often come at a lower cost, making them an ideal option for homeowners looking for affordable yet high-quality front doors. Additionally, composite doors require minimal maintenance, which can save you money on upkeep and repair costs in the long run.

Quality composite doors Sevenoaks

Durable Design

Our composite doors offer a highly durable solution for homes in Bexleyheath. Made from a combination of materials, including uPVC and glass reinforced plastic, they are engineered to withstand the elements and resist wear and tear. This means that they require minimal maintenance, saving you time and money in the long run. Additionally, their robust design ensures they can withstand regular use and remain functional for many years to come, providing you with excellent value for money.

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Solidor Composite Doors

Our Solidor composite door collection offers stunning and durable designs for homes in Bexleyheath. With a timber core, these doors are exceptionally strong and robust, and can be upgraded to meet the highest security standards while combining the best of timber style and uPVC technology.

The Solidor range provides a vast array of beautiful designs to suit any home improvement project, with a variety of colours, glass options and hardware to choose from. These high-performance installations can enhance both the style and functionality of your property, whether you prefer to retain or reinvent its existing aesthetic.

Rest assured that our front doors are manufactured using only the highest quality materials, ensuring a stylish design that does not compromise on performance.

Enjoy a stunning front door that not only looks great but also provides excellent functionality and durability!

Areas We Cover

We are proud to offer high quality home improvements for all homes throughout Sidcup, Sevenoaks, Surrey, Kent and surrounding areas. Whether your home is modern or traditional, we’ll be able to accomodate. Get in touch today for our highly competitive double glazing prices.

What Do We Offer?


Ideal Timber Replacement

If you're looking to replace your old timber doors, our Solidor composite door collection in Bexleyheath offers an ideal timber replacement solution. These doors replicate the authentic look and feel of traditional timber, but without the drawbacks of high maintenance and susceptibility to rotting, warping or splitting. Solidor doors have a durable and robust core that ensures they are long-lasting and withstand the test of time. With a range of styles and colours available, you can find the perfect replacement door that complements your property's aesthetics and enhances its curb appeal.


Impressive Weatherproofing

Nothing gets through our composite doors, so even in the worst winter storms, you will be able to enjoy a draught free and leak free home. They can withstand torrential rain, gale force winds and bitter, icy cold with ease, keeping you cosy indoors.


Unrivalled Thermal Performance

Our Solidor composite doors offer exceptional thermal performance, making them an ideal choice for homeowners in Bexleyheath. The doors have a solid timber core that is surrounded by a high-density foam and reinforced with a uPVC outer frame. This design provides excellent insulation and helps to minimize heat loss, which can ultimately lead to lower energy bills. With our Solidor doors, you can enjoy a comfortable living environment all year round while reducing your carbon footprint.


Highly Secure

Our Solidor composite doors are highly secure and offer excellent protection for your home in Bexleyheath. With a timber core and a range of high-security locking systems, they provide an effective barrier against unwanted intruders. Additionally, they are designed to meet the latest industry standards for security, including PAS 24 and Secured by Design accreditation. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure with our Solidor composite front doors.


Low Maintenance

With our composite doors from Solidor, you can enjoy the aesthetic beauty of timber without the high maintenance that comes with it. Our composite doors have a high-quality finish that requires minimal upkeep, making them ideal for busy homeowners in Bexleyheath. Unlike timber doors, our composite doors won't need painting or varnishing, and they are highly resistant to weathering and warping. With a composite door, you can have a stunning front entrance to your home that stays looking great with minimal effort.


Long Lasting

Our composite doors are built to last, with a design that ensures long-lasting durability. Made from high-quality materials, including a timber core and uPVC technology, they are resistant to wear and tear and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They require minimal maintenance and will not fade, warp, or rot over time, ensuring that they look great and perform well for years to come. When you choose our composite doors, you can enjoy a stylish and reliable entrance to your home that you can count on for many years.

Composite Front Doors Prices Bexleyheath

Looking for affordable composite doors in Bexleyheath? Look no further than our extensive collection, which offers a broad range of styles and features to suit any budget.

Our composite doors prices in Bexleyheath are highly competitive, and we’ll work with you to find the right combination of design and functionality to meet your needs. Use our online design tools to create your ideal composite front door and receive an instant quote, or contact our knowledgeable team for expert advice and guidance today! 

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