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Wooden Windows East Grinstead

If you are looking for a sophisticated home improvement solution that will enhance the performance of your home while allowing for an influx of natural light, our wooden windows are the perfect choice. Here at Thermaframe, we install timber windows to homes in East Grinstead and the surrounding areas. 

Made using premium grade timber and supplied by wooden window specialists, our windows have been carefully designed to perform to the highest standards. Gone are the days where traditional timber windows warp and distort after exposure to wet weather. By coating our profiles, we can ensure that they will last for decades while requiring minimal maintenance. 

To ensure that we have something for all homeowners, we offer our wooden windows in a range of colours and designs. Find something that matches the style of your East Grinsted home, or you can choose to completely reinvent it! The decision is up to you.

With plenty of experience in the home improvement industry here at Thermaframe, we are your trusted local double glazing installers. We always work hard to go over and above, exceeding our customer’s expectations wherever possible. Get your renovation started today by getting a free online quote using our costing tool.

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Benefits of Wooden Windows

Traditional Style

Installing wooden windows to your East Grinstead home is the perfect way to create heritage allure that cannot be crafted using any other window designs. Loved by many for decades, these windows really offer true authentic appeal.

Compliant Design

Although our timber windows feature classic design, they perform to modern standards. To ensure this, we have made sure that our wooden windows comply with the latest regulations. Benefit from the superior performance that is proven.

Highly Secure

To ensure that our wooden windows are inherently strong, they are made using a robust timber profile and advanced double glazing. With this, they are naturally able to withstand great force and impact. The inclusion of modern locking technology takes this a step further.

Bespoke Design

To ensure that we have something that will match all homes in East Grinstead, we offer a range of customisable options for our wooden windows. Choose from a range of colours and styles, and pick from a selection of hardware accessories.


Make a green choice with our wooden windows! Made from sustainably sourced timber, we are able to do our bit for the planet. Timber is a renewable and recyclable material, so you can buy with confidence.


Wooden windows are a highly sophisticated home improvement choice for homes in East Grinstead. Benefit from a luxury, heritage aesthetic that will enhance your home for years to come.

High Performance Timber Windows

Here at Thermaframe, we only offer our customers timber windows that perform to the highest standards. To do this, we work with market leading suppliers that use only premium grade materials. We also coat our timber to ensure that it does not weather. While other timber variants may warp or distort, our profiles will not ever.

To ensure that our wooden windows exceed your expectations, they are outfit with the latest security mechanisms, handles and hinges. All of these features have been carefully designed to operate smoothly no matter how many times your new addition is opened or closed.


Thermally-Efficient Wooden Windows

We understand that many homeowners may be worried about the levels of thermal efficiency that our wooden windows provide. For years now, it has been drilled into our minds that uPVC and aluminium are the best materials for thermal efficiency, but this is not necessarily true. Profiles made from these materials are only effective insulators when they feature a multichambered composition.

Timber is naturally a low thermal conductor. This, paired with the inclusion of advanced double glazing, makes our wooden windows able to achieve extremely high thermal efficiency ratings. From installation, you will find yourself using less central heating, saving you money on bills.

Wooden Window Prices East Grinstead

If you are ready to get your next renovation project underway, please take a look at our online quoting tool. Here you can take the first step towards your dream home and get a price for our timber windows.

If you would prefer to speak to a member of our team, please do not hesitate to fill in our online contact form or call us on 01959 434 720

We look forward to hearing from you!



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