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uPVC Sash Windows

With our uPVC sliding windows, you get a traditional and timeless-looking window that offers you modern performance levels. The practical benefits that these uPVC sliding windows offer your West Malling home include increased thermal efficiency and security but lower maintenance levels.

You have none of the worries that come with timber framed windows when you choose our uPVC sliding windows as they will carry on performing brilliantly for many years to come. You can expect your home to be warmer and secure when you install these windows and you can also rely on them to perform brilliantly for many years to come.

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uPVC Sash Windows West Malling Prices

Benefits of our uPVC Sash Windows

Thermal Efficiency

Thanks to the multiple chambers and high-performing double glazing our uPVC sash is incredibly energy efficient.

Heritage Design

These windows give your West Malling a traditional and timeless appearance as their design hails back to classic joinery.


With Thermaframe you get the chance to customise these uPVC sash windows to your particular taste and requirements.

Colour Choices

We have a wide range of colours and foils for you to choose from, this ensures that your new uPVC sash windows complement the design of your West Malling home.

Easy to Look After

Wave goodbye to the paint brush with our uPVC windows as they are really easy to maintain. All they need is a wipe down with a warm, wet cloth.

Slim Sightlines

Our uPVC sash windows come with slim sightlines and large expanses of glazing, offering you wide and unbroken views.

Outstanding Masterframe uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

We partnered with this manufacturer of uPVC sash windows because of their beautiful classic appearance, which means that no matter what age or design your West Malling home, these windows will complement it perfectly. These uPVC sash windows have been throughly tested which ensures that they can be relied to perform at an exceptional standard, they have surpassed the British Board of Agreement.

Masterframe’s uPVC sash windows offer exceptional quality at a very affordable price, meaning many more homeowners will be able to benefit from them. Just because they are competitively priced doesn’t mean that they are not of an exceptional quality or cannot be customised. You can choose the colour or woodgrain foil to suit your taste. You can even tailor these windows to install extra glazing, so allowing even more light to flood your West Malling home.

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Incredible Solutions with Masterframe uPVC Sash Windows

This brand of uPVC sash windows can come with tilt restrictors, dependent on the size of window that you want. The customisation options on our uPVC sash windows are many and plentiful as we want you to have the windows that best suit your West Malling home. If you are looking for exceptional thermal efficiency then look no further than these uPVC sash windows. These windows have three chambers, which not only makes them incredibly strong and robust, but when you add cit gaskets, you really do have a set of windows that can truly insulate your home.

Our uPVC sash windows can enhance the security of your home and this level of security can be further enhanced if you want to upgrade to the Sash Secure ranger. These uPVC sash windows are some of the most secure on the market. Another option you might want to think about is our trickle vents in the upper sash, these keep the water out of your home; you can trust these to perform brilliantly as they meet today’s building regulations.

With our uPVC sash windows you get all the benefit of a classic and timeless aesthetic with true modern-day performance levels.

uPVC Sash Window Prices, West Malling

We offer very competitive prices on our innovative uPVC sliding windows, which you can access by visiting our online quoting engine. You will be taken to a quote immediately after request.

Do not wait while you are deciding on your uPVC sliding sash windows, get in touch with us today! We have many years’ of experience and offer a friendly customer service support for you.

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